Type of coals

The coal-rank classification used in Russia somewhat differs from the classification practiced in Western countries. In Russia, the coal depending on the coal rank is subdivided into brown coals, steam (black) coals, anthracites and graphites. The Western classification respectively distinguishes lignites, subbituminous coals (black lignites), bituminous coals and anthracites.

Anthracite is not the final stage of transformation of organic substances. When coal underwent the effects of even more severe conditions—e.g. temperatures of above 500° C, it turned into shungite; higher temperatures transformed it into graphite, while extremely high pressure could result in formation of diamonds as, in fact, all that—from plants to diamonds, is nothing but carbon of a different molecular structure though.

    Low-volatile coal
    Medium-volatile coal
    High-volatile coal

    Classification of coals:
    Lump size classification
    Types of coals

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