Medium-volatile coal

Medium-volatile coals (SS (TS)/CC (TC) are mainly used at electric power plants and cement factories; SS (СС)-grade coal is also supplied as PCI for iron and steel plants. The sorted form of SS-grade coal of 13-50mm or 50-200mm fraction grade SS is used for municipal and domestic purposes.

With a view that the main production volume of SS-grade coal is intended for export, the price for this grade in the domestic market is one of the highest when compared with prices for other Kuzbass power-generating coals.

Distinguishing characteristics of SS-grade coal are as follows: volatile matter content within 17-28 %, high calorific value ranging from 6300 to до 7300kkal/kg and low sulfur content — as little as 0.5% (for the Kuzbass coals).

Main users of SS-grade coal in the Russian Federation:

  • ОАО Mosenergo
  • KES Holding
  • ОАО Kuzbassenergo
  • ООО Novosibirskenergo
  • ООО Bijskenergo
  • ОАО OGK-3
  • ОАО Sibtsement
  • ОАО Tsesla
  • ООО Vostoktsement
  • ОАО Siberian Chemical Plant
  • ОАО Kola Mining-and-Smelting Company

Specifications. Technical analysis.

Chemical composition of ash

Ash fusibility, C:

  • Initial deformation temperature – 1280 T1
  • Hemisphere temperature – 1330 T2
  • Liquid state temperature – 1340 T3

The Company can supply the T-grade coal of the following grades:

  • SSPK/SSPKo, 50—200 mm/25—200 mm, washed, ash content of up to 7—10%
  • SSPK, 50—300 mm, unwashed, ash content of 10—14%
  • SSOM, 10—25 mm, washed, ash content of up to 7—10%
  • SSOMSSh/SSMSSh , 0—50 mm/0—25 mm, ash content of up to 16—18%

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    High-volatile coal

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    Lump size classification
    Types of coals

    Element analysis
    (dry ash-free base):

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