High-volatile coal

In Russia, high-volatile coals of grades D(Д), G (Г) and DG (ДГ) are widely used for the needs of electricity generating plants and public utilities and amenities. Due to the high volatile content and high reactivity of coke residue, the coal of grade D/DG can ignite quickly.

Distinguishing characteristics of D/DG-grade coal are as follows: volatile-matter content within 32-42%, low calorific value in the range from 5100 to 6000 kcal/kg and low sulfur content — as little as 0.5% (for the Kuzbass coals).

Main users of D-grade coal in the Russian Federation:

  • Most of electricity generating plants within the Russian Federation
  • Enterprises of the housing and utilities infrastructure
  • Iron and steel plants

Specifications. Technical analysis.

Chemical composition of ash

Ash fusibility, C:

  • Initial deformation temperature – 1210 T1
  • Hemisphere temperature – 1230 T2
  • Liquid state temperature – 1280 T3

The Company can supply the T-grade coal of the following grades:

  • DPK/DGPK, 50—200 mm,unwashed, ash content of up to 12-15 %
  • DOMSSh/DMSSh , 0—50 mm/0—25 mm, ash content of up to 15—18%

    Low-volatile coal
    Medium-volatile coal
    High-volatile coal

    Classification of coals:
    Lump size classification
    Types of coals

    Element analysis
    (dry ash-free base):

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